Aerial Fire Suppression and Control

Commercial Helicopters has helped pioneer Aerial Fighting in NSW and is one of the longest serving Aerial Firefighting companies in the state.Our experience in this field is exhaustive through both light and medium aerial platforms and single or twin engine. As a company we have 10’s of thousands of hours experience in providing fire fighting solutions which include fire bombing and air attack, aerial mapping and observation, aerial incendiary ignition and drip torch services.

Commercial Helicopters offers ground breaking technology in fire ‘hot spot’ detection with our FLIR aerial platform assisting crews to pinpoint areas of interest.

All our helicopters are equipped with multi-drop Water Hog fire buckets allowing control and efficient use of every load of water.

We are adept in assisting with back burning operations with the use of either our Raindance Systems Aerial Incendiary applicator or our Red Dragon aerial incendiary machines. Both of these are used alongside our aerial drip torch system, capable of larger burns or more persistent vegetation.