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Meet Our Team

Commercial Helicopters believes people are the key to success.

We strive to ensure our staff operate and exist in a positive team environment and are supported in their roles. This we believe gives us the the ability to provide exceptional customer service while being committed to safety.


Company Values

It takes a long time to build a successful aviation business and after 25 years we are still working hard to keep building the success. Our people are the heart of the company and their passion for quality, safety and customer satisfaction, we look forward to what the future holds.


Agricultural Services

Commercial Helicopters has been at the forefront of helicopter Aerial Agriculture since the companies inception back in 1990. From humble beginnings, we now boast a wealth of knowledge, experience and know how.


Aerial Pest Control

Commercial Helicopters has full Civil Aviation Safety Authority approval to undertake aerial shooting operations.

The Company and pilots are FAAST approved (Feral Animal Aerial Shooting Team) and all have extensive low-level experience.


Aerial Crane

Utilising a helicopter as an Aerial Crane provides the benefit of fast and efficient placement of equipment into otherwise inaccessible sites.

Whether it be transporting an air-conditioning unit to the top of an inner-city building, or shifting drill rigs to inaccessible mine sites, Commercial Helicopters has the equipment and expertise to meet your requirements.


Disaster Relief & SAR

Helicopters come into their own in disaster situations and Commercial Helicopters are often at the forefront of local emergency situations. These can be agricultural emergencies such as flood or drought, where farmers need to locate or get emergency feed to supplies to stranded stock.


Exploration & Mining Support

Commercial Helicopters has had extensive experience supporting exploration, drilling and mining throughout Australia since the mid 2000’s. Boasting some of the Australia’s leading resource companies as our clients


Fire Control

Commercial Helicopters has been a pioneer in fire fighting operations and one of the industries longest continually serving aerial fire fighting companies providing an essential service to emergency and land management agencies Australia wide.


Commercial's Fleet of Aircraft

Commercial Helicopters operates a fleet of aircraft equipped with the most up to date technology. Our aircraft carry engine and flight management systems that enables precise flight logging capabilities enabling clients re rest easy knowing they are getting exactly what they are paying for. Our fully owed aviation maintenance company ensures we have back up whenever we need it across the country. 

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