Commercial Helicopters have been involved with fire fighting for 15 years now. We were the first helicopter company in Australia to operate the ex military "Huey" helicopter and the first to operate it for fire fighting activities. It has proven to be a valuable tool for water bombing and is now an important part of fire fighting in Australia.

If required Commercial Helicopters can supply 8 helicopters for fire fighting:

3 x Bell 206 B3 Jetranger,
3 x Bell 206 Longrangers and

These aircraft are used for:

  • water bombing
  • air attack
  • reconnaissance
  • mapping
  • aerial incendiary work

In relation to our incendiary work, we currently have on offer two Red Dragon incendiary machines and a large stock of incendiary balls onsite at all times. Our incendiary operations also include the services of a fully trained bombardier.

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