All of Commercial Helicopters aircraft are fitted with “Spidertracks” Satellite Tracking System. This is a “real time” satellite tracking system which lets you know where all the aircraft are at given time.

Spidertracks is great for several reasons – we are able to monitor the aircraft to ensure the safety of the pilot, crew and passengers, we can determine the exact location of the aircraft in the event of a breakdown or an emergency, we can cross reference flying times for clients and we can determine locations if there are any conflicting reports of where an aircraft has been. It can also be incorporated with google earth thus letting drivers know roads in the vicinity.

*check out their website

Commercial Helicopters are an Australian based company predominantly providing services to Rural and Government clients. In 2002 Commercial Helicopters set about sourcing a sustainable future in the industry by getting serious about environmental issues. This included the implementation of a quality assured Environmental Management System or EMS, committing ourselves to the prevention of environmental pollution.

Commercial Helicopters undertake detailed risk assessments of all our operations. Resulting from these assessments are operational controls that utilise the latest environmental technology to manage operations ranging from aerial spraying to waste management. The commitment to our EMS means the only possible outcome is the continual improvement of our valued environmental performance.

Under the Commercial Helicopters EMS, Commercial Helicopters comply with and exceed all legal and contractual obligations delivering the client a high quality service with a high degree of due diligence. All employees are aware of, trained in and must comply with our EMS programme.

Commercial Helicopters believe communication is a core component of the management system, both internally and externally. The company actively promotes employee and client contributions towards shaping our EMS. Working together for a better future.

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